Welcome to the ‘Haywood Golf Society’


The Haywood Golf Society is a non profit organisation and was initially formed for the many (extended) Haywood family golfers. It was devised by, and is still being run and organised by Ben Haywood, with help from a few other family and society members.

The Haywood Golf Society (HGS) is a golf society for all levels of golfing ability, and ‘society’ days are to be played with the express intention on having fun and a social day out with a ‘competitive edge’. Golf is governed by the famous Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, so the HGS will also adhere to the same rules of Golf. However, some slight variations have been made to help speed up play (see section 6)

Society days, where practicable, are held monthly between March and October, with a Christmas event if weather allows. Society days are generally held at weekends with the preferred day being Sunday.

The HGS has an excellent website that provides tour dates, event details, handicaps and player tables etc, which can be found on http://www.haywoodgolfsociety.co.uk/


Members ‘commitment and responsibilities’


Each member will be asked to pay a fee each year (to be decided annually). This fee is to cover event prizes, deposits and advanced fees until event fees can be collected, and helps prevent the organiser of the event being ‘out of pocket’. In return for the subscription, each member will receive a HGS tee shirt. Subscriptions are without exception, non-refundable.


Green Fee Liability

Once a player has committed to playing in an event, then they are responsible for the full green fee if they decide to withdraw from the event, or they don’t show on the day. This charge will only be made if the society is charged, or if the society is unable to get anyone else to play in your place. Therefore please advise the organiser as early as possible if you are unable to play. A person deciding to withdraw from an event may be asked by the organiser to contact another member, and arrange for them to play. It will also be their responsibility to collect the green fee from the replacement if it has already been paid to the organiser. Failure to pay will result in your membership being withdrawn.


Course Conditions

Whenever possible, information regarding course conditions for event days will be ascertained beforehand, and if the course is deemed unsuitable, and time allows, an alternative venue may be sought. However, inclement weather conditions are out of the organiser’s hands and if holes are closed, or ‘local’ course rules apply on the day (temporary tees / greens etc.), no refunds will be paid. If a course is closed for an event the organiser will endeavour to let players know as soon as possible.


1.0  Handicaps


1.1 New members without an official club handicap will be expected to declare a fair and reasonable handicap for their first HGS event to the handicap committee. Where applicable an individual’s official club handicap may be used for their first HGS event.

1.2 Handicaps will be adjusted in accordance with performance in HGS events. It is therefore important that every member submits a scorecard when they have played in an event.

2.0 Competition Rules

2.1 HGS events will be played as a Stableford competition.

2.2 Scorecards will be distributed at the clubhouse before the event. Under competition and HGS rules you must swap your scorecard with an opponent and record each other’s score. At the end of the round sign the card and return it to the organiser or handicap secretary. You are only responsible for accurately recording the gross number of strokes at each hole because mistakes concerning the gross number of strokes cannot be corrected once you have submitted the card. However, mistakes concerning the Stableford score can be corrected after you have submitted the card.

2.3 The winner of the competition will be the player with the highest Stableford score. In the event of a tie, a ‘countback’ system will be used to determine the winner. Places are then allocated to the next best scores, again with the countback system being used if required.


3.0 Handicap Adjustments

3.1 All players handicaps will be reviewed after each event.

3.2 The Handicap committee’s ruling is final. Appeals can be made, but are not recommended !

3.3 A player whose Stableford score is below the event average will have their handicap increased, and a player whose score is above the event average will have their handicap decreased.

3.4 The winner of an event will also have their handicap reduced by a further 3 strokes, second place  by a further two, and third place by a further one.

3.5 Handicaps will be displayed on the HGS website as soon as practicable after each event.


4.0 Prizes

4.1 Prizes (to be decided on the day) for each society event will be awarded as follows;

·         Overall winner (who must be a paid up member of the HGS).

·         Longest drive.

·         Nearest the pin.

·         Nearest the pin in two.

(Please note that for the longest drive and nearest the pin the final group is responsible for gathering up the "nearest the pin" and "longest drive" markers and returning them to the clubhouse).


4.2 Additionally, at each event, there may be the following ‘prizes’ awarded.

·         Sweep’ – Each player will draw a name, and if that player wins they will receive a cash prize.

·         A prize for the highest combined 4 ball stapleford score.

·         A “blind pairs” prize.


Each individuals progress will be available on the HGS website shortly after each event.


4.3 A birdie/eagle competition will be run over the year. A Prize will be awarded to the top player with the most birdies/eagles scored over the year.

At the end of the ‘tour year’, the overall ‘Tour’ winner will go to the golfer who has the scored the most points in all the events over the year, and will receive a ‘small’ prize in recognition of their achievement.


5.0 General Etiquette

5.1 General Etiquette is very important to the HGS, especially when playing as guests at a golf club. The HGS will promote good etiquette wherever they play and all local rules shall apply.

5.2 Anyone causing disrepute to the HGS shall be barred from the society. Any disputes with a golf club visited, or its members, is to be brought to the attention of the HGS, and not taken up individually.

A few reminders of general etiquette are;

·         Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent mode at all times

·         Repair pitch marks on the green

·         Replace and repair divots

·         Rake bunkers after playing a shot

·         Not loiter on or near putting greens when marking a card

·         Make sure the group ahead are out of range before playing a shot

·         Shout "FORE" if there is the slightest possibility a ball may strike someone

·         Ensure that there is no one too near before making a swing

·         Do not move, talk or stand close to, or directly behind, the ball or the hole when a player is making a stroke

·         Play without delay

·         Ensure no damage is done to the greens when laying down golf bags and flagsticks

·         Replace the flagstick properly before leaving the green

·         Show courtesy and consideration to fellow players


A Few General Rules of Golf

6.0 Out of Bounds

If a player hits their ball from the tee or in open play beyond the out of bounds markers (usually white stakes), then they have the option to play their next shot from where they played their first, regardless of whether they have found their ball or not. They will receive a 1 shot penalty plus the additional stroke they have just played. In effect they have played 3 shots off the tee. Or a player can drop a new ball at the point of exit, but not nearer the hole and also incur a 1 shot penalty plus the additional stroke. This is not an official R & A rule but the HGS ruling has been included to help speed up play. A new ball should be dropped from an outstretched arm at shoulder height whilst facing towards the direction of the green, or in line with the flag.


6.1 Lost Ball

If a player hits their ball and they think it may be lost then they have the option to play a provisional ball from where they hit the first, which they must declare a provisional ball. However, if they find their first ball then they must play it, without penalty or declare it unplayable and drop a new ball at the nearest point of relief but not nearer the hole, incurring a 1 shot penalty plus the additional stroke. If they don’t find the first ball, then the provisional ball becomes the ball in play and also incurs a 1 shot penalty plus the additional stroke. In effect they have played 3 shots off the tee.

If they don’t find their ball and haven’t hit a provisional ball then under normal rules they would have to return to where they hit the first with a 1 shot penalty plus the additional stroke. However, to keep play moving, the HGS ruling here will allow a player to drop a new ball at the point of entry into the hazard, but not nearer the hole and also incurring a 1 shot penalty plus the additional stroke.


6.2 Water Hazards

Yellow stakes running across the hole normally marks a general water hazard. If a player hits their ball into it, they can play a new ball as described in rule 6.0 out of bounds. Or they can drop a new ball in line with the point of entry of the first ball and the hole, at the nearest point of relief but not nearer the hole. They receive a 1 shot penalty plus the additional stroke. The same rule shall apply to lateral water hazards which are normally marked by red stakes running in line with the hole, unless it is marked out of bounds, then rule 6.0 shall apply.

6.3 Casual Water

If a player hits their ball into an area of water not marked by red or yellow stakes e.g. a large puddle. Then if the ball is retrievable they can pick it up and have a free drop outside the wet area and in line with the flag, but not nearer the hole. If the ball is irretrievable then a new ball can be used.


6.4 Ground Under Repair (GUR)

When a player’s ball comes to rest inside an area clearly marked as GUR, and then if the ball is retrievable they can pick it up and have a free drop outside the GUR area and in line with the flag, but not nearer the hole. If the ball is irretrievable then a new ball can be used.


6.5 Bunker/ Hazard Shots

If your ball comes to rest in a hazard and is still playable, then the club used to make the shot mustn’t come into contact with the ground before it hits the ball. E.g. in a bunker the club cannot touch the sand before making the shot. If you take a drop out of a hazard and the ball roles back into it, then make 1 more attempt before placing the ball.

6.6 Fresh Air Shots

If a player is clearly attempting to hit a ball, but completely misses it, then this is still deemed to be a shot and the next attempt will be their second shot from that position.


6.7 Number of clubs

A player must have at all times no more than 14 clubs in their bag. For each hole played with an illegal number of clubs a player scores 0 points.


6.8 Wrong Green

If a ball comes to rest on another green than that being played, then the player must pick the ball up and take a free drop, but not nearer the hole.


6.9 Wrong Fairway

If a ball comes to rest on another fairway than that being played, then the player can play from where the ball has landed without penalty, but always give way to players on that hole. Alternatively, to keep play moving, a player may pick their ball up and take a drop on the correct fairway, but not nearer the hole, for which they will incur a 1 shot penalty.


6.10 "Gimmies"

(A putt that one player requests be conceded by another player, allowing the first player to pick up and move on as if the putt had been holed) are NOT allowed.


7.0 Finally, some other expectations of HGS members

7.1 Dress code is important, and the HGS will promote good dress standards wherever they play. Generally, wear trousers, the society collared shirt and golf shoes whilst on the course. Tailored shorts may be worn in the summer, but rules on shorts and socks at different clubs must be adhered to without question. If in doubt phone the relevant club first, as it is the individual’s responsibility to check. Any disputes on the day may result in the individuals green fee for the event being forfeit.

7.2 No trainers, caps or jeans are allowed in any clubhouse.

7.3 Please arrive in good time to aid organisation and to avoid being rushed off the first tee. This can be very embarrassing if you ‘duff’ your first shot off the 1st tee, as this ‘may’ lead to the inevitable sniggers (or worse) from the other society members waiting to play.

7.4 The ethos of the HGS is based on the golf day being a social event. Therefore to maintain this, it is expected, unless absolutely unavoidable, that all players will remain at the event venue until after the prize presentations and announcements have been made.

Happy golfing, the HGS.